Ghost Cover Privacy Plate Anti-Camera (smoke)

Ghost Cover Privacy Plate Anti-Camera (smoke)

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Our latest privacy screen for your vehicles license plate. This ghost cover hides your license plate from cameras and unwarranted surveillance just like our bubble design covers. This new design is not a bubble cover, but a tinted screen with a frame to go over your plate. The option to add a bubble cover over this (for free) will be available and will be shipped to those who pre-ordered and want it.

Designed to be as stealthy as possible, this tinted screen cover blacks out your entire plate from side and top (above) angles instead of just obscuring the number/letters.

Our license plate covers are designed to maximize privacy from any angle while not sticking out like a sore thumb for everyday use. The car directly behind you won't notice, but cameras will not be able to successfully capture your plate number.

Our smoked plate covers are usually chosen by those looking for even more privacy and or a tinted look. This design is not overly and unnecessarily dark, but it is darker than our original smoke bubble covers. It is still difficult (especially to the un-trained eye) for anybody to notice while driving. To others it will just look like a regular tinted plate cover, yet still provides maximum privacy from cameras like ALPR's.

Please be aware, this product may affect:

  • Toll cameras (including bridges, tunnels, and congestion)
  • Red light cameras
  • School zone cameras
  • Speed trap cameras
  • Any camera mounted above or to the side of your vehicle
  • Stalkers/Surveillance (especially from a distance)

Our privacy plate covers have an effective design that maximizes privacy from any angle unlike competitor knock-offs that don't blur enough from top angles (see here for picture comparison). Don't settle for drop-shippers, scammers, and low quality covers that don't work. We guarantee this works for you, or we will refund you in full.

*Disclaimer: The use of this product on public roads may result in tickets and/or fines. Know your state and local laws before placing an order. View our full disclaimer here. By using our website and purchasing anything from us you are fully aware of this disclaimer and agree to our terms of use.

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