Mr.PlateCover vs The Competition

Mr.PlateCover™ license plate covers are the best you will find anywhere. Discreet and effective for daily worry-free use.

Our cover has maximum blur/obscure effect from top angles to ensure cameras such as ALPR's cannot read, process, and store your tag information.

Other covers simply do not work from above, and may only be effective from side angles. Since majority of cameras are mounted above eye level, this renders those covers almost useless.

As you can see in the above image, our cover (on the left) fully blurs your plate info while our competitor (right) clearly does not. Purchasing one of these ineffective plate covers may result in your plate being read fully and clearly by cameras. Nobody likes to waste money on products that don't work as intended.

We took the time to specially design and perfect the privacy screen in our covers. Our team has driven thousands of miles to test the efficacy before offering it for sale. 

Don't settle for scammers, drop-shippers, and knock-offs. Shop with us.