Tinted Motorcycle License Plate Privacy Cover Anti-Camera (smoke)

Tinted Motorcycle License Plate Privacy Cover Anti-Camera (smoke)

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The number one selling license plate cover for motorcycles. The same design we use on the cars, made for motorcycle licenses. This cover works exactly the same as our car covers by blurring, or obscuring, your plates numbers from both sides and above.

Unwarranted surveillance, stalkers, criminals, traffickers, ALPR's, and more are tracking peoples movements on a daily basis. Take a piece of your privacy back with our plate covers for your bike.

Please be aware, this product may affect:

  • ALPR's
  • Toll cameras (including bridges, tunnels, and congestion)
  • Red light cameras
  • School zone cameras
  • Speed trap cameras

*Designed for off-road use only. The use of these products on public roads may result in tickets and/or fines. Know your state and local laws before placing an order.


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