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Blackout Cover Privacy Plate Anti-Camera w/ Remote

Blackout Cover Privacy Plate Anti-Camera w/ Remote

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The official Blackout Privacy Cover with a remote switch for your vehicles license plate. This vanish plate cover hides your license plate with the click of a button. Instantly blackout your plate with no delay, no curtain covering, or plate flipping. Designed to blend seamlessly with your vehicles exterior unlike other plate covers that stand out and make plate obstruction obvious to spot.

Our Blackout Plate Cover blacks out 100% of your plate from any and all angles instead of just obscuring the number/letters from certain angles or fading it out.

Carefully designed to maximize privacy while not sticking out like a sore thumb for everyday use. When not activated, your plate is fully visible and un-obscured. Other cars around you won't notice your cover. When activated, your plate vanishes instantaneously.

IPX7 waterproof rating allows you to use this cover in any and all conditions. Rain, wind, hail, sleet, snow, dirt, sand and anything else will not be able to penetrate this cover. Perfect for off road use.

Installation is simple and easy. See our installation video for instructions on how to install. Works for all USA, Mexico, Canada license plates.

Please be aware, when activated, this product may affect:

  • Toll cameras (including bridges, tunnels, and congestion)
  • Red light cameras
  • School zone cameras
  • Speed trap cameras
  • Any mounted camera system(s)
  • Cameras with IR / Flash
  • Stalkers/Surveillance/PI
  • Literally anything/anybody trying to view your plate

Our privacy plate covers have an effective design that maximizes privacy from any angle with 100% efficacy unlike competitor knock-offs that don't work as intended. Don't settle for drop-shippers, scammers, and low quality covers that don't work. We guarantee this works for you, or we will refund you in full.

Limited quantities available. Orders are made-to-order so please allow some extra time for your order to ship. We appreciate your patience. Price goes back regular after this initial inventory is sold out.

*Disclaimer: The use of this product on public roads may result in tickets and/or fines. Know your state and local laws before placing an order. View our full disclaimer here. By using our website and purchasing anything from us you are fully aware of this disclaimer and agree to our terms of use.

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