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Clear License Plate Bubble Cover (transparent)

Clear License Plate Bubble Cover (transparent)

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The ultimate clear plate cover for your vehicles license/novelty plate. Our cover features a bubble design that goes over your plate to protect it from the elements and keep it clean. This plate shield is made of unbreakable polycarbonate with a UV resistant stabilizer to prevent discoloration.

Key Features & Details :

  • Bubble design sits above the plate
  • Protection from theft,dirt,drime,weather etc.
  • Great for off-roading and bad weather
  • Strongest material on the market
  • UV Resistance

*This cover has no blur / anti-camera effect. It is a regular plate cover*

Our plate covers have an effective design that maximizes looks, stealth, and privacy unlike competitor knock-offs. Don't settle for drop-shippers, scammers, and low quality covers that break and don't look good. We guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back.

*Disclaimer: The use of this product on public roads may result in tickets and/or fines. Know your state and local laws before placing an order. View our full disclaimer here. By using our website and purchasing anything from us you are fully aware of this disclaimer and agree to our terms of use.

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